Halloween themed hq icons for October!

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130 years progress
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100% support. 

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nappin lil woodland buddies. photos by (click pic) miroslav hlavko, dan galemaurizio libretti, mark loper, simon phillpotts and denis carl robidoux

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punk boys out here like “i fucking hate racists. homophobia is horrible. smash racism and kill all rapists. women deserve safe spaces.” then they turn around n are like “lol yeah girls just freak out about everything all the time i dont get why they’re uncomfortable at shows they must just not get punk. why are you so nervous quit making a big deal out of it. yeah that guy is a misogynist, but his band is sick and thats different.”

so accurate. 

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It’s true that in Episode 1 of ES, when Rin said, “You still think you’re the best in the water though, right?” Haruka’s expression changed a bit.


Plus, I feel that if all he wanted to do was swim, he wouldn’t have joined a swimming club in the first place. There was no reason for him to participate in tournaments, either—he could’ve just gone to a public pool and swum to his heart’s content. He’s always been sensitive to winning and losing, instinctually; he simply never realized it. That’s why, after encountering Rin, he started getting so competitive. I’ve felt that Haruka has had those instincts within him ever since first reading the original novel (“High Speed!”), so this was all a journey to help Haruka realize that himself, I feel.
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